1. Its predecessor, the agricultural repair factory in Nanlu Township, Anqiu County in June 1989, is a township enterprise, mainly engaged in the repair of agricultural machinery.

2. In October 1997, it was changed into a joint-stock enterprise with a registered capital of 22.47 million yuan and renamed Anqiu Jinhong Machinery Co., Ltd., mainly producing agricultural vehicle steering gear and accessories.

3. In 1999, it was renamed Shandong Jinhong Group Co., Ltd., which mainly produces agricultural vehicles, tractor steering gear and accessories, agricultural vehicle frame, oil accessories, handicrafts, export toys and other traditional products.

4. In 2005, the company decided to stop the production of traditional products such as steering gear and frame, concentrate human, material and financial resources, make every effort to produce high-tech products of reaction sintered silicon carbide structural ceramics, and take the road of specialization, boutique and internationalization.

5. In September 2012, jinhongxin Materials Co., Ltd. was established to establish a national high-tech enterprise specializing in reaction sintered silicon carbide structural ceramics and new bulletproof ceramic materials. At the same time, it has become a military bulletproof Ceramic R & D base in one fell swoop.